Standard of Bengal

                                       Standard WCF

      Bengal -Snow Bengal

To Shorthair breeds

The medium to large sized cat is muscular, elongated and robust. 
The legs are of medium length, muscular and solid. The paws are large and round. 
The tail is of medium length and thick, with a rounded tail tip. 


Massive head, slightly longer than broad, with rounded contours and with a solid,
broad muzzle zone. The profile is slightly curved. 
The neck is solid and long. 


The ears are small to medium sized and slightly tilted forwards, with rounded tips and a thumb print. 

Eyes The eyes are large and oval. They are wide set and at a slight slant. 
Bengal: All colours are permitted, except blue and aquamarine. 
Snow Bengal: The eye colour is an intense, pure blue.
Coat The coat is short and dense, lustrous and silky (like a pelt).
Colour varieties

There are 2 patterns recognized:


  • spotted, rosettes are preferred 
  • marbled 



The Bengal has a clear, very well contrasted pattern in seal or brown colour on a golden-orange base colour. 
The Snow Bengal is a pointed cat. The points have the same colour as the Bengal. The body is slightly lighter,
but is - in contrast to other pointed cats - slightly coloured in the corresponding point-colour and has a distinct 
pattern. The cat does not look like a pointed cat to the novice. 


The following colours are recognized: 


Brown spotted tabby

Brown marbled tabby

Seal spotted lynx-point

Seal marbled lynx-point



Seal sepia spotted tabby

Seal sepia marbled tabby



Seal mink spotted tabby

Seal mink marbled tabby

  The description of the pattern can be found in the general list of colours.
  • elongated spots, which are arranged in a mackerel pattern 
  • body too heavy built 

white patches




               Bengal Cat Characteristics




        Do you want a magical cat? Glitter is your golden ticket – literally.

While Bengals are the first domestic cat to have glitter, not all Bengals have it.

You can see the glitter by the shimmering, sparkling effect on your cat’s coat.

Even in low lighting, you’ll be able to see the sheen of the glitter on the Bengal.

But what is glitter, exactly?

No, Tinkerbell didn’t come by and pour some all over your cat.

“Glitter” is a translucent hollow hair shaft that catches the light and reflects it.

It is present throughout the fur of your cat.

It’s truly a beautiful and remarkable sight. Who knew cats could be even more magical?


Bengal cat glitter Photo by FurLined



Glitter on a Snow Bengal cat’s coat – Photo by BengalLokiLeon



                             Patina and Ticking


     Patina and ticking are two characteristics a Bengal cat can have that are slightly different from one another.

     Patina is black or dark tipped hairs that blur the pattern of your cat.

    This blurring will show up from the shoulders all the way down the back of the cat.

    Ticking, on the other hand, is where all of the fur on your cat looks blurry due to lack of contrast in the fur.

    This is caused by multi-colored hair shafts giving the fur a sort of “faded” look.

    Essentially, the fur isn’t as bold on these cats.



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